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March 8th, 2012 by Napalm Dragon



SantArchy has a long and lurid history that winds it’s way through many cities in many countries. Throughout it’s bleary-eyed evolution it has grown to be two distinct and similarly pointless events.

SantArchy – A Cacophony Society non-event.
Santacon – A Santa Convention focused on the costume themed Bar Crawls.

Both are ultimately a result of the 1994 Santa Rampage that took place in San Francisco.


To “slip it past the censors” we changed it’s name to Santacon and/or SantArchy depending on what mood people were in and who we felt like hanging out with. Over time, as it’s grown in popularity, the pressures to go from bar to bar, sanitized many Santa Rampages down to a well planned “crawl”.

SantArchy is our continuation of the open ended Santa meme, where anything can happen (or nothing happens), some things are planned, some thing are improvised, Santa looks around for posibilites, and nothing is certain. Santa can turn left at any moment, and it’s usually a good idea to be there from the start, with your creative interpretation ready for anything. (Vancouver Cacophony Society) are the instigators of