Vancouver Cacophony Society

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BunnArchy-fb1We are a cult of long eared freaks who worship…
“Burny The Bunny”.

Once a year on the first Saturday of Spring, he rises “from whence he came” and we follow him around the city searching for the Rainbow Bridge to La La Land.

Sometimes we encircle him and hum, hoping to make him rise. Sometimes we dance to great music. Sometimes we take a break and quench our thirst with the fruit of the gods.

We are an unincorporated cult. We’ve applied for formal recognition by the Cultish Union of Norther Toronto. But we refuse to “Drink the Cool-Aid”, and it seems that this is an integral requirement for certification.

So we do our thing anyway, hoping to find the Rainbow Bridge. If we can’t find it by the end of the night then we release Burny in a conflagration of our hopes and dreams, to wait for his return from whence he came, once again. (Vancouver Cacophony Society) are the instigators of

Download BunnArchy Icon Created by Rob Tronic in Boston for the Bunny Barhop, please respect the spirit of this and use it for Fun.